Sweet corn for cold nights


II learned this from a country neighbor who works at the pharmacy ... feed corn to animals help them generate body heat in the winter. Corn is a great treat for squirrels and birds in your yard (no wonder they love it so). My pharmacist friend gives dry corn to her horses for a winter supplement.

We eat organic sweet corn, buying frozen kernels at the grocery store, and sometimes dry it to intensify the flavor and texture. It tastes so much better than pesticide-grown maize. Corn has a lot of amino acids. Combined with beans for a vegan dinner (especially with a touch of lime, such is added to tortillas), it makes great substitute for meat, but can also pack on the pounds if you eat it too often. I haven't noticed the warming effect on myself, but it is wonderfully sweet. Here is one way to incorporate an oven-dried corn into a great trail mix (read more).