Canine joint health and dogs gone raw

KKi-ki was was limping, getting worse every day. The symptoms came on suddenly. A lyme test came back negative. The vet diagnosed arthritis, based on x-rays. He prescribed a dangerous anti-inflammatory and said our pet would need frequent liver tests to see if she was being killed by the medicine. That's NOT for our girl, we decided.


We opted for a natural cure instead. We banished dairy, grains, pork, and beef from her diet. (Yes, dad was occasionally giving her a pork chop treat, against mom's better judgment)—plus yogurt, brown rice, and cooked hamburger.

Ki-ki's new regular diet: canned mackerel and thawed green beans for breakfast and cooked ground turkey and eggs, or cooked chicken liver for dinner.

Raw treats: This week, mom gets to feed the furry ones, and she has opted to sneak in lots of raw treats. Thawed tilapia, cut into chunks for dog sushi, turned out to be an instant hit. I use scissors which makes it a very easy task to make bite sized fish chunks.

Also, for the turkey and eggs, I heated both in water on the stovetop but left the majority of the mixture raw. This was also a big hit, served with the water and juices. We still give our dogs lots of lightly cooked vegetables with every meal, and also the pulp from zucchini and wheatgrass is gobbled up, if we hide it under the turkey!

Supplements have been crucial for Ki-ki. She gets glucosamine twice per day, fish oil twice per day, shark cartilage and a multi vitamin once per day. Her healing as been miraculous. Not only did the limping and struggling to move disappear within a week, Ki-ki can now move as gracefully as a fish in water. I believe she is part seal.

We really believe the glucosamine has been of great benefit to our dog, so much so, that we now take the supplement ourselves and have noticed its positive effects on joints, especially after strenuous exercise.