Apple cider vinegar (ACV) skin rescue for people and pets

Joe and Smiley

MMeet Joe and Smiley, puddle sitters, river runners, and belly floppers, both. This kind of long hair on a dog tends to trap moisture which can cultivate parasites, leading to itching, biting, scratching and possible infections. When our pets fall prey to skin irritation during the dog-days of summer, I now reach for the apple cider vinegar to cure the itch before it can lead to broken skin or complications.

Joe got a dip in a warm bath with two cups of ACV, plus an after bath splash of undiluted straight to the belly.

Smiley is getting regular treatments, once or twice a day, of undiluted straight to the belly.

Life is much calmer now!

By the way, ACV does wonders for curing athlete's foot on humans too! I learned this from one of my favorite websites

You do not need premium ACV for this type of application. Any ordinary type will do.

And don't worry about the odor, it goes away soon.