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DIY Gingerbread Fretwork Trim

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DIY Gingerbread Fretwork Victorian Trim

Making our own gingerbread fretwork was not hard or expensive. We used spindles from#Lowes that were on sale (49¢ each), plus 6 pieces of 1"x2" for a about of $30 in materials.

How to make fretwork Gingerbread trim

Now this 60-year old porch will match the front of our Victorian House much better! Here's the progress so far. This summer we'll do the caulking, painting, and add more trim.

How to make fancy trim for your porch

Adding two posts and cutting back some of the fiberglass facade, plus a lot of sprucing up happened first. But it's fun to look back … here's the porch "before".

Watch DIY Victorian House trim

This now is a video on our YouTube Channel! Click to view!

How to make Victorian-Style house trim

Use the guides on your saw (or blocks taped into place) so that each spindle can be cut to the exact same length. We made our spindles 7.5", cutting the bottoms off first, and then the tops, assembly-line style.

Making Victorian gingerbread from new materials

The length and spacing of your spindles is a design choice, but most important is consistency in size and spacing. We used a ruler and made a pencil mark where each spindle would be glued to 1"x2" boards that were cut to fit between our posts.

How to trim your house Victorian-style

Some of our segments had 6" spacing, others 5-3/4, more or less. But each segment was spaced consistently.


Buy Titebond Glue


When the glue has dried, nail the spindles to the edge piece which has been cut to fit your opening.

How to make new fretwork for a Victorian house

Now we can attach the fretwork to the porch.

Attaching Victorian gingerbread to porch

We attached the fretwork to the beam without the bottom edge to make sure our nailgun would fit between the spindles.

Closeup of the bottom edges that were added last.

We put a dab of glue on the bottom of each spindle before we nailed on the bottom edge.

DIY Gingerbread trim for house

Well … except for the caulk, paint and some matching trim elsewhere. But what a different this has made to this old porch addition.

Video How To Victorian Gingerbread House Trim

See the video at the link above on our YouTube channel.

Visit the Stephie McCarthy YouTube Channel

See how we painted the faux green marble on the same porch here!

How to Paint Faux Marble

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