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Valentine Decorating
with Greeting Cards

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Greeting cards are almost always printed on wonderful paper making them perfect for saving to use later in crafts and décor.

Valentine's Day Decorating

For Valentine's Day there is a wealth of beautiful cards from many sources, including vintage card originals and printables made from antique cards.

Greeting Card Wreath

This wire heart frame can be spray painted to match your card collection.

Vintage Greeting Card Wreath

Here we've inserted a set of vintage cards between the wires like a message board and are holding them in place with removable book-repair tape.

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Buy archival removable tape

These elaborate die-cut embossed Valentines are often very affordable and are perfect for shadowboxes or square frames that leave a bit of room around the edges.

Framing Antique Greeting Cards

The textures are wonderful to behold.

Framing a vintage greeting card

These are lovely decorations year-round, but especially on Valentine's Day.

Shadowbox for vintage greeting card

Here we've switched the background paper to black matte to make the artwork pop even more.

Antique Embossed greetings decorative arts

Buy 14x14 wood customer frame

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Buy archival black matte paper

This whimsical set of frames can be arranged on a wall to form a heart that will hold many images.

Contemporary Framed Greeting Card Collage

We photographed vintage cards with a close-up lens, printed them on card stock, then cut them to fit the various openings.

Large greeting card collage frame

The square frames holds one embossed, die-cut card at a slight angle to add a little energy to this design.

Buy Heart Collage Frame

This set of three rustic hearts connecte by rope is not expensive and will hold three 4x4 images.

Rustic frame for Valentines

We chose contemporary images printed on inexpensive photo cards, trimming out the areas we wanted to frame. You can find wonderful cards like these at very affordable prices. Or, download the images from free photo stock companies.

Craft Decor from greeting cards

We also tinted the hearts with water-color markers to match the artwork.

Framing greeting cards craft

Buy rustic heart frame

These creations will charm year-round, but especiall on Valentine's Day.

Heart shaped frame craft greeting card

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