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Preserving Autumn Leaves with
Liquid Wax … update!

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Last year we invented a new way to preserve
Autumn leaves using Waverly Inspirations
Clear Wax
. This year we're at it again
with even more Autumn leaves.

Autumn Leaf bouquet with real leaves

It's so simple! No crockpots, irons, or messy tools needed.
This is all we used: Waverly Clear Wax plus a few
cotton balls. A small paint brush works well too.

Waverly Inspirations Clear Wax leaf preservation


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Watch how to preserve leaves with liquid wax

We've been collecting leaves from our backyard, parking lots, and
at this beautiful spot we call Fairy Hill.

Autumn on Fairy Hill

This landscape is so striking in Spring
with the red buds and birch, we waited
for a mild Autumn day to go back in search of leaves.

Fairy Hill in Spring

The same view in Spring … but we digress!

Gathering Autumn leaves to preserve in liquid wax

It's back to work. Colorful leaves are gathered …

How to preserve Autumn Leaves in Liquid Wax

… and added to the haul.

How to preverse fall leaves

These leaves above were still a bit moist, so we pressed them
between double sheets of paper in a heavy book.

Crafts for fall

We stacked more books on top and will wait a few days until
the leaves are still pliable, but much more dry.
You don't want to trap a lot of water in the leaves
because when they are sealed with wax they will buckle.


When mostly dry and flattened, we simply polish the leaves
with a coat of the clear wax and allow them a few hours to dry.

How to apply liquid wax to autumn leaves

Here we are polishing a dry maple leaf with clear wax.
See the buckled leaves on the right? These were already
quite dry and buckled when found. We polished those to see
how well they do as decorations without being flattened.

preserving fall leaves with liquid furniture wax

This was the most interesting piece we experimented with
This appears to be a palm branch, but after turning red
and orange it looks like a string of chili peppers.
We painted it with the clear wax and it's now in a
fall flower arrangement and a vivid splash of color.

Plaid products Easy project

These leaves above were glued to a dry stem and some were
gilded on the edges with gold paint.

how to add gold paint to autumn leaves

These can also be sandwiched between glass sheets,
added to gift packages. They are fairy tale sweet!


Another fun and easy craft if so add waxed leaves to a
lace curtain. The waxed leaves are dry and will not stain.
They look like stained glass as light pours through.

Plaid Clear Wax Fall Craft project

an easy way to preserve autumn leaves

Light is your friend with dried leaf decorations.
Waxed leaves are at their brightest when
light can pour through them as shown above.
Fresh flowers may fade, but these leaves will last
for many arrangements to come !

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