Bling angels, Christmas ornaments

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Bling Angel

Bling Angels

OThese Christmas angels are a fun way to use up squirreled-away treasures, with halos made from miscellaneous earrings no longer worn, and keepsakes sparkles handed down by Grandma.

The pattern is simple, almost primitive, and I think that’s what I love most about them—sweet simplicity. I let my inner kindergartener take over when it comes to gluing on the sparkly bits!

Bling Angels

Bling Angels

Bling Angels


How to make a Bling Angel:
Materials List:

For each angel prepare two squares of fabric—approximately 5”x5” 
(Look for cast-off blouses with metallic tones like gold and copper. I found mine in thrift shops and at church bazaars)
Lace ruffle trim for dresses, approximately 6”x2” for each angel
Lace bows for wings, approximately 6” x ½” for each angel
Matching thread
Acrylic craft paint: brown or black and pink
Small paintbrush
Thin marker pen
Blunt tool, like chopstick or large crochet hook for turning fabric
Jewels and beads of miscellaneous colors and designs—I use paper plates to keep my jewels at hand
Circle shaped earrings or buttons for halos
Tweezers for placing jewels
Fabric glue and toothpick for applying to fabric
Ribbons and/or jump rings for hanging


First make the angels. Shiny fabrics can be difficult to control on a sewing machine, so I always stitch the outlines before cutting out the angels. Fold the fabric, right side to the inside. Pin on the pattern, trace with pencil or pen, remove pattern, and re-pin. Stitch inside edge with a machine or by hand, leaving and opening at the bottom for turning. Snip around the edges, especially the curves and angles for ease in turning.

Bling Angels

Turn angel inside-out using a chopstick or large crochet hook. Stuff with fiberfill. Whip stitch the opening by hand.

Bling Angels

After sewing, I make simple dresses from lace and put a lace bow on the back to represent wings. I also add jump rings to make them easier to hang as decorations. I sew the embellishments by hand, preferably in the glow of Christmas lights and a nice votive or two.

I keep the face details very simple—the idea is that these should look primitive.

Bling Angels

Here’s the fun part, decorating the angels (I can only manage about one per night!):

Bling Angels

I pour my jewels into one paper plate and put paint and glue on another. I paint simple eye and mouth shapes, and pink cheeks.

To bejewel the angels, put a bit of glue on the lace with a toothpick and place a jewel on top with tweezers. The fabric glue dries clear, but if I fumble and get glue on a large gem, I remove it, clean it off and try again. I like to cluster the jewels around the angel's heart with a few more sprinkled around the skirt.

When the glue is thoroughly dry, turn the angel over and glue on her halo. Later you can add a ribbon and tie them to your tree


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