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How to paint a realistic brick wall on stamped brick surfaces

Painting Faux Bricks

How to refresh brick-textured walls with paint

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We love the look of vintage brick walls like you might find in
lofts, warehouses, or brownstones.

Watch how to paint realistic bricks with latex, roller, and brushes

Our video on HomeTalk will show you how!

If you've got old brick walls, painted brick walls,
imitation brick panels, or stamped concrete walls (as we do) …
… and you'd love to freshen the color, here's how to
do a faux-brick finish using a paint roller and a few brushes.

Painting 3D bricks with new colors

We experimented with latex paints on our stamped
concrete walls and created very realistic brick colors.
This is the result above.

Painting faux bricks before and after

The walls started out a dull, moon gray.

How to paint 3D bricks

We thought about painting them white, but all those crevices
were sure to get dusty and be hard to keep looking fresh.

Stamped concrete brick panels

Painting faux bricks on stamped concrete

We timed this faux finish at one minute per square foot
to roll and brush the base colors.
And … one minute per square foot to paint the
mortar off-white. Not bad! It was finished in a few days.

Painting bricks effects with latex

1,725 square feet of wall space, all together. And … you have
permission to be messy. Messy makes for realistic bricks!

Remember, you can use a damp baby-wipe to correct any mistakes.

How to paint realistic bricks on 3D panels

Here are the three colors you can blend to make
brick accent walls like ours.

Colors for faux brick painting


The three colors of latex we used were bittersweet orange, purple
plum, and milk chocolate brown, in flat finish. Semi-gloss
will work as well, or you can mix flat and semi-gloss
paints. We used "oops" paints which had been
returned to the store and discounted.

Blending colors for faux brick effects

We learned as we went along that these three colors
when overlapped in places, made great brick tones.

Using a paint roller for faux brick effects

Step one: roll walls with the bittersweet orange. Don't worry if paint
gets into the mortar lines. You'll color these later. Use a flat
roller and don't worry if your coverage is uneven.
Shoot for 95% coverage with the orange. If your orange dries
very quickly as our did, wet with water and a brush.
Don't worry about drips, just use a drop cloth.

colors for painting faux bricks

Step two: While the orange paint is still wet, use a 2.5"
angled nylon brush to blend in patches of plum and milk
chocolate in random shapes. Color outside the lines!
Later, when you've painted the mortar, the bricks will
take shape, but for now, spread your colors without
regard to the shape of the bricks.

Use your brush to fill in where the roller missed.
This is where an angled brush really helps.
We found our tough brushes in the craft section at Walmart.

Painting faux bricks with a paint roller

Step three: roll on the orange … again. Roll lightly to
create orange highlights. Use a dry flat 2.5" brush to feather
the highlights into the previous color layers.

Painting Faux Bricks with flourescent colors

Step four:
When the wall has dried a bit, use a 1" brush and 3 or 4 bright
colors of craft paint to create accent bricks. We used
neon orange, wine red, and coral. These hot colored bricks
really add beauty. Choose your favorite shades.
If they don't match well, wipe them off, and try another shade.

Chalk paint for coloring faux grout

When the wall has dried, use the above colors
of chalk paint and paint the mortar with a round 3/8ths
inch brush. We found that white was too glaring.
We painted ours milk chocolate, with random
streaks of off white and faded yellow.

Sealing faux bricks with CoverSeal

Our walls will not come into contact with much wear and tear,
but if yours will, invest in a good sealer. We use CoverSeal
from Amazon, in a matte finish on our concrete projects.

Buy CoverSeal from Amazon

Covering these walls with fresh new color has made
an enormous difference in this space.
The dull gray is gone!

Painting 3D bricks with new colors

Except in the laundry room! We'll freshen those brick panels
another day!

Watch how to paint realistic bricks with latex, roller, and brushes

Watch the how to video at HomeTalk.

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