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Faux Wicker Garden Decorations with Foam Noodles!

© Stephie McCarthy
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Basket Raised-Bed

If you love a cottage garden, our faux-wicker garden decorations will match your style.

Baskets, wattle fences, and wicker won't last outdoors very long, but this faux wicker will.

These garden decorations look like real wicker.

But are made from durable foam!

How to make faux wicker

— raised-bed basket made of foam noodles! —

Our raised-bed basket is lightweight, not expensive, weather resistant and took just one hour to make. Plus, we weave in a bit of real twig vines for great effects.

Weaving with backer rod foam

This foam product, called 'backer rod,' is a lot like pool noodles but skinny and sold by the foot. It's used for filling cracks in constructions projects. It comes in many different diameters.

How to make garden edging that looks like wicker

We're using 1/2" and 5/8" backer rod for our basket and arch projects, purchased on Amazon.

check the price of backer rod

check the price of backer rod

We wove the backer rod into metal fencing so our decorations would have strength outdoors.

How to weave romantic garden wattle

Shown above is the area where we wanted an oval wicker raised bed. We cut a length of short metal fencing and pressed it into the ground in an oval shape.

Making wattle fencing from foam noodles

We used very inexpensive short wire fence from HomeDepot. You'll need wire cutters to cut it. It's super-squirrely, typical of outdoor wire fencing, you've got to show it who's boss. Once it's anchored into the ground, it will tend to stay in place.

check the price of garden fencing

How to weave a cottage core wattle fence

Mixing various diameters of backer rod and just a bit of natural twig-vine salvaged from the local landscape, made our basket look natural. But, if you use one diameter of backer rod and no vine, it will look lovely too!

DIY wattle fencing

We cut the backer rod into 5-6 foot lengths so they would be easy to weave. We wove in-and-out of the wire fence in an informal way.

How to weave a wicker garden decoration

We tucked the ends of the foam in as we wove, but you could also attach the ends with small cable ties.

(The arch decoration is in the background. Read about that here.)

How we made a wattle fence from backer rod foam

Backer rod is easy to cut with scissors.

DIY wicker garden edging

In no time at all, the basket took shape. It's amazingly lightweight, but some how durable. There was a massive storm after we finished the weaving, but the basket didn't move a bit.

DIY garden project wicker garden edging

You can see how barren our soil is in our mountains. The raised beds and mulch are important for any gardening success at all. We'll add good soil when it's time to plant this basket with herbs and flowers, and top it with mulch. Check out our Paper Bag Garden Trick for holding soil in place.

How to plant a basket in your garden

The backer rod looks okay in natural grays, but we tested how it would look with spray paint. This color was Rust-Oleum 'Nutmeg'. Perfect for the wicker look.

check the price of spray paint

How to make faux wicker

How to weave a wicker garden edging

Finished basket packed with container plants.

DIY garden basket project

As a final touch, we painted part of a a hula-hoop and added a few curly branches to create a handle effect which will also support taller plants.

See how we made the Wicker Arch Here

How to make a garden arch

— watch the video here — coming soon!

check out the video coming soon

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