Snow-sowing! Wildflower seeds love winter

IDo you have a bit of snow on the ground ... or maybe a LOT of snow? It's a great time of year to toss wildflower seeds on top of the snow and enhance a meadow or wild garden, or begin a new patch of prettiness. Snow-sowing is a fun way to experiment with surplus seeds. Wildflower seeds are particularly compatible with snow in many regions, because the freeze and thaw cycles make germination easier.

wildflower collage

Poppies are the perfect seeds for snow-sowing. Ice helps crack open their tough shells. When I come across seeds that won't be used in my garden, I donate them to fields in my neighborhood. Won't the field below look lovely with some random poppies?

queen anne's lace meadow

Queen Anne's Lace and Dames Rocket, are a few other winter-hardy seeds. If you browse your garden center in the back aisle, you can often find bargain wildflowers seeds leftover from last season with still-high germination rates. Look for small cardboard cans with the techni-color labels, and check that the seeds are suitable for your temperature zone.


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