Wheatgrass & zucchini "tea" and recipes

A non-bitter, refreshing green tea-flavor for energy, also great for skin and hair! And how to use the left over veggie pulp.
by Stephie McCarthy
JThe zucchini sweetens the wheatgrass "tea" just enough that I can drink it all day, cold. It's also great hot! The pulp that is left over never goes to waste here. I use it many ways, as you'll see.
Ingredients and directions:

1-1/4 cup chopped zucchini or vegetable marrow (large or small, but fresh). I usually chop two small zucchinis.

1/3 cup snipped wheatgrass blades.

1 quart or 24 ounces of water.

I blend the zucchini first, and strain out the pulp. I put the green water back in the blender with snipped wheatgrass, blend, and strain out the chopped grass separately. I dry both the grass and the zucchini separately in my dehydrator, over night. The grass is used dry for house plant mulch. The dry zucchini keeps beautifully in the fridge and can be used in tapenade, or in flat bread recipes, ground down into a kind of flour (more on that soon).

My "tea" is cold enough to drink right from the blender, but sometimes I add ice, or warm it for a hot drink.


JI have benefited a great deal from drinking this everyday, such as old injury and nerve damage repair on my right side, healthier hair, glowing skin, plus sickness resistance. Give it a try if you'd like the benefits of wheatgrass but without the bitterness (or the expense of wheatgrass juicers).

Pets seem to love having wheatgrass trays for an occasional nibble, and our dogs will even nibble it!

Wheatgrass kitty


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